Baby don't sh*t your pants

This was a bedtime story for frustrated parents with potty training age children. The author expressed his own experience with the process with humorous rhymes, no doubt many parents could relate to it. 

My role was to illustrate the book, adding further life to the story. I came up with the visual story of what I believe to be the reason of the child's reluctance to the potty -- the poo are little fun-loving party buddies and who would flush them away if you could have such good times with them? 

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Stripe of Courage

When a prophesied flood threatens timid Sam Stripe’s chipmunk colony in Yosemite Valley, he doesn’t expect to be named as the hero charged with saving them all. And before he can even summon the nerve to start his quest, he’s swept away into a daring adventure, risking and losing everything he holds dear—his mom and dad and, especially, the chipmunk princess, Robyn Redbelly.

He needs to get back to his tribe, make sure his parents are OK, and solve the mystery of Robyn’s disappearance. But first Sam must prevail against a crazed lynx, fast-flying falcons and the treachery on an evil possum, bent on destroying him.

Will he find the courage in his heart to save not just himself, but those he holds most dear? And can he do it in time to save the colony?

Sam Stripe. Reluctant hero. An epic tale of love, magic and survival during Yosemite Valley’s Hundred Year Flood.


S'mores Indoors

“S’mores Indoors” takes kids and parents on a whimsical rollicking journey through young Eleanor’s boundless imagination, and why she stands firm about her most beloved treat! With its delightful endearing illustrations and surprising, read-aloud rhymes, this book will be your child’s new favorite anytime story.

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